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Product Description

Beef Up Your Truck And Get Better Economy! Edge’s premier product line, the Juice, now looks even better and has better functionality and more options and control with the new Attitude Color Screen (CS). The Edge Juice with Attitude CS controls timing and duration of injector firing for your diesel to deliver maximum performance, improved driveability and better fuel economy. The Edge Juice power module with the Attitude Color Screen control monitor combination offers on-the-fly adjustability and monitoring capabilities at your fingertips. Together they are a highly sophisticated package capable of dramatically improving your 5.9L Dodge Ram Cummins towing, mileage and power.

Key Features

  • 5 on-the-fly Adjustable Power Levels
  • Full-color, high-resolution, 2.4 inch button-controlled screen
  • Add up to 120 HP and 350 ft lb Torque
  • Now includes Maintenance Manager Software
  • Comes with a universal suction cup mount
  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Enhances Towing Performance
  • Includes Important Safety Features
  • Retrieves and Clears Trouble Codes
  • Adjustable Low-End Responsiveness
  • Light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases

The Juice with Attitude uses factory-style connections and in just 30-40 minutes you can add five levels of adjustable power ranging from 40 to 120 horsepower and increase torque up to 350 ft. lbs.



When used in conjunction with the Attitude CS monitor you can control the five power levels on the fly from inside your truck. The Attitude CS displays all the information a set of gauges would and will automatically monitor exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and de-fuel the engine to prevent excessive EGT. Imagine one simple installation and you get incredible power gains, an increase in mileage and the equivalent of a complete set of gauges!

Performance Gains

  • Level 0: Stock
  • Level 1: 40 Horsepower – 150 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 2: 60 Horsepower – 200 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 3: 80 Horsepower – 250 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 4: 100 Horsepower – 300 Foot Pounds of Torque
  • Level 5: 120 Horsepower – 350 Foot Pounds of Torque


When used with the Attitude CS monitor the unit is a comprehensive gauge package that stays mounted in the cab of the truck and displays up to eight from dozens of available parameters at a time. These include EGT’s, Barometric PSI, Speed MPH, Engine Coolant Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Load percentage, slip percentage, Transmission Temperature, Throttle percentage, Turbo Boost PSI, and RPM’s.

The Juice with Attitude CS also gives you many safety features such as Automatic Defueling to prevent excessive EGT, boost and transmission slip. User controlled and adjustable audible alert settings warn you when something’s going wrong, giving you a valuable head start on potentially expensive issues with your truck. And, the Juice with Attitude comes with a really cool cold engine protection feature, where no extra fuel is added until the engine is warm.

Other features of the Juice with Attitude that improve driveability include a low-boost fueling adjustment and shift de-fuel settings. You can also use your new Juice with Attitude to test and record 0-60 and quarter-mile times, quarter-mile MPH, peak engine temperature, RPM, speed and transmission temperature values. It will sound audible alerts when user-defined values you’ve pre-entered are reached and automatically records the highest value of key parameters.

The Juice with Attitude CS is expandable and is compatible with an optional Edge Accessory System (EAS) to allow you to connect multiple, additional Edge accessories.

Just for fun, Edge lets you customize the look of your CS monitor using their all new MyStyle™ software. MyStyle allows you to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your own choosing. You can size, crop and save to your CS unit for the ultimate in customization.




  • Model: 31001
  • Manufactured by: EDGE PRODUCTS INC.