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Bully Dog Watch Dog (White) Economy Gauge and Monitor

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Watch Dog White Monitor *****Requires Pyro kit to read EGTs****

The WatchDog Gauge is the ultimate vehicle monitoring system for any vehicle 1996 and newer. The WatchDog monitors all standard vehicle PIDs and reads and erases diagnostic Trouble Codes. The WatchDog allows the user to set vehicle temperature warnings to notify the vehicle operator when a particular vehicle parameter reaches a set temperature. The WatchDog can calculate, record, and save a range of vehicle performance tests such as 0-60 mph times and 1/4 mile times among a few other available tests. The major feature of the WatchDog is the “Driving Coach,” a patent pending feature that helps drivers improve fuel economy, points out that aggressive drivers can save as much as to 37% in fuel by adopting better driving habits. Fits most 1996 and newer vehicles with an OBD2 port under the dash


  • Available in white or black case colors
  • Exclusive Driving Coach feature
  • Customizable Driving Coach characteristics
  • Monitor and display vehicle parameters
  • Set vehicle temperature warnings
  • Conduct Vehicle Performance Tests
  • Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's)
  • Display instant and average fuel economy
  • Easy installation
  • Free internet updates
  • Full Color display
  • Multiple Screen Layouts and Colors Schemes
  • English or Metric Units
  • Universal Suction Cup Mount Included
  • Can be installed on any 2 1/16" gauge pod hole using optional T-slot Adapter

The Driving Coach, A fun way to save fuel, money, and reduce damage the environment.
The benefits of the Driving Coach stretch far beyond simply saving the end user a substantial amount of money. The will help everyone who uses it realize that they really can play a major part in fuel conservation and reducing oil dependency. It will also very notably help individuals reduce their own carbon footprint by reduce the total amount of fuel they use overall.

The Driving Coach is easy to use and customize.
The Driving Coach is essentially an entire program itself that is packaged within the WatchDog as an optional feature; it appears to the user as a set of moving bar graphs and audio feedback and an overall grade. The sole purpose of the driving coach is to help drivers maximize their driving efficiency. It coaches drivers into better driving habits by providing them with real time visual and audio feedback. The driver of the vehicle need not do anything, but lend some attention to the Driving Coach and adjust their driving habits according to the feedback provided to them.

The driving coach is fully customizable allowing users to set fuel economy goals and adjust feedback sensitivity. The feedback sensitivity adjustment has three levels of sensitivity which are suitable for different drivers and different driving environments like in the city, on the highway, or out in rural areas.

The large gauge area is where the Driving Coach information is displayed. The three bar graphs displayed in the driving coach consist of the three items described below:

Real Time Fuel Economy:
The first bar graph displays instant fuel economy for the vehicle it is installed on, making it clear to the driver how different driving conditions and habits affect instant fuel economy.

Wasted Energy:
The wasted energy graph, middle bar graph, displays acceleration on the right of the center line and deceleration to the left. The wasted energy bar helps drivers stay within acceptable rates of acceleration and deceleration to maintain efficient driving habits. The driving coach also provides audio feedback for acceleration and deceleration.

The Driving Coach offers the user a grade to show them how well or how efficiently they are driving. This grade is determined by how well the driver meets their instant economy goal and how closely they can keep wasted energy to zero.

Set Vehicle Warning Levels:
The WatchDog will notify the user when certain vehicle parameters read above the users specified preset levels. The parameters below are the parameters available for the end user to set warning levels. If a warning level is exceeded the WatchDog will begin to beep and then display the parameter that is out of range.

Simplified Installation and Updateable Software:
The WatchDog installs easily by plugging it into the diagnostic port under the driver side dash. The suction cup windshield mount allows you to position the WatchDog where you want it most. Once the physical installation is complete the setup wizard will guide you through the vehicle selection process on the screen. The WatchDog can be either powered by the diagnostic port or by the included power supply cable for key on/off power control.

Software updates are free and the included USB cable allows you to update the WatchDog software as needed for technical support, improvements, added features, and new applications. Software updates are free and available through Bully Dog's Update Agent computer software. Just start up the previously installed Update Agent software, plug the WatchDog into your PC (Windows only) with the included USB cable, and install any available updates.

Compatible with all vehicles 1996 and newer


  • Model: 40400
  • Manufactured by: Bully Dog