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South Bend Clutch Kit Chevrolet Duramax 01-05 LB7-LLY Flywheel

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South Bend Clutch

First figure out how much power you truck has. This may not be as easy as it sounds, because, unless you have had your truck on a dynamometer, there will be some guess work involved. It is important to get as close as you can. Many people don't realize that you can over-clutch a system. A clutch designed to hold 550 hp may not act right in a truck that only puts out 350 hp to the rear wheels. We often hear people say that they "might" add more power in the future. Realize that if you choose a clutch based on that, and you don't upgrade later, you might end up with parts you're not happy with.

  • Model: 10701066-1
  • Manufactured by: South Bend Clutch