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EFI-LIVE FlashScan Version 2 GM Vehicle Tuner & Scanner

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This second generation hardware from EFILive creates the platform to deliver the first multi-functional, PC based and standalone data logger and ECM reprogramming system for GM high performance engines. FlashScan V2 combines EFILive’s powerful PC based scanning and tuning tools with the simplicity of a hand held programmer. It has been designed to support many late model, OBDII gas and diesel GM engines including LB7, LLY, LBZ, and LMM.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Total Control Of Your Engine Tune! Now you know the tune was done right.
  • 2 Engine and 2 Transmission Licenses Per Tuner.
  • Add additional licenses for only $99 per new VIN.
  • Custom Transmission Tunes. Avoid Expensive Transmissions Repairs!
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on product defects.
  • Dynamic Vehicle Testing with EFI-Live Scan Tool.

FlashScan V2 connects a laptop computer to a vehicle allowing you to diagnose faults, record data and tune your vehicle. FlashScan V2 can simultaneously connect to other peripherals, such as wide band O2 controllers, thermocouple temperature sensors, analogue sensors and switches. Data may be recorded to FlashScan’s internal memory or to an optional SD memory card, the same type of memory card used in most popular digital cameras.

FlashScan V2 also operates in standalone mode which means that even without a laptop you can display and clear trouble codes, display EPA test results and display and record data. A future (free) update will also allow standalone reading and reprogramming operations. Anybody from professional tuners to do-it-yourself mechanics can use FlashScan V2 to diagnose, repair, re-tune and service any of EFILive’s supported vehicles

Check Out Guy Tripp’s EFI-Live Success Story:

Off the shelf tuners are great for some people but they didn’t meet the expectations Guy Tripp had for his LB7 Duramax. “Sure, some pre-canned tunes were better than others but none had the all out power and street manners that I was looking for, and all ignored the importance of the transmission in optimal performance.” said Guy, “I even tried stacking to get my desired performance, but then driveability suffered even more. I always wished that I could tailor my truck’s tune to my personal needs just like my LS1 buddies.”

As Guy added more and more specialty equipment to his vehicle, the driveability of his truck became harder to manage with the tools available at the time. Says Guy, “I really wanted to change the performance of my vehicle to match it’s instant application – if I wanted to race, I wanted instant power, but as my daily driver and tow vehicle I wanted a smooth truck to drive and needed to keep EGT’s in check and maintain fuel economy.”

The ability to data log engine and transmission parameters in order to see exactly what the vehicle was doing fascinated Guy. Analyzing the logged data and making calculated changes to the way his vehicle behaved delivered a result that not only satisfied Guy’s requirements, but redefined the expectations of many Duramax owners. “The ability to write my own calibration and then observe the changes via logging allowed me to tune out my annoyances and provided hours of entertainment. The gratification and sense of accomplishment in getting the truck to drive and perform exactly the way I wanted it to was amazing, but the clincher for me was that as my needs and style changes, I can modify the truck accordingly,” says Guy.

Getting a 7500lb Duramax Diesel Crew Cab Long bed 4×4 truck to run 13.20 at over 100mph in the quarter mile on just diesel fuel is not an easy thing to do using a stock turbo and injectors. Yet EFILive was up to the task of making the 500rwhp and 1050 ft. lbs. that was necessary to power Guy’s truck to that level of performance. Adding Nitrous Oxide injection allowed the truck to put down 610hp and over 1300ftlbs of torque and moved it down into the low 12 second quarter mile performance area. Using EFILive’s DSP custom operating system, Guy was able to interface his Nitrous Oxide system with the ECM and tailor the N20 injection around different engine and transmission parameters until the ultimate combination was found for quick shifting and maximum power output.

“I’m now in a position where I can sell the power adders, tuners, and diagnostic tools I no longer use. The word compromise has been replaced with customize. EFILive has truly pushed the Duramax/Allison combination to new levels of performance and flexibility that were previously unattainable.”


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  • Model: EFIFS2-GM
  • Manufactured by: EFILive