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13-16 6.7L Cummins EFILive Autocal Package

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FINALLY! A remote custom tuning package for 2013-2015 Ram Trucks with the 6.7 Cummins!

Included witht the base package is an EFIBYRYAN Autocal Pre-loaded with the calibrations necessary to remotely flash your 2013-2015 6.7 Cummins and make the under-hood and/or exhaust modifications YOU WANT to your truck!

The following items are REQUIRED to complete your install, however some of you may already have them or choose to purchase elsewhere, which is OK, however they are listed below for your one-stop shopping convenience!

  • Bullydog Gauge Tuner #40420 - REQUIRED FOR PCM UNLOCK
  • Bullydog Unlock Cable #42214 - REQUIRED FOR PCM UNLOCK

For more information please see the "Product Description" below:

Product Description:

STOCK POWER - Enjoy your truck the way it should have came from the factory, identical characteristics of a completely stock truck with the addition of a nice exhaust tone and increased reliability.


100HP INCREASE - Enjoy your truck with not only a nicer exhaust tone but with a bit more pep in it's step


RETURN TO STOCK - In the event that you need to return to completely stock, you'll be able to utilize the BullyDog GT to Install download, then return to stock which will put your truck right back to where you started.


How does it work? Instructions are included with the kit but here is a brief run-down on what all is involved;

  1. Unlock your trucks ECM by installing the BullyDog GT and 13+ Unlock cable.
  2. Return BullyDog GT to STOCK, you can now use it as a set of gauges or it may be used on any other diesel vehicle that the BD GT 40420 otherwise works on with the exception that once the unit has been used to unlock a 13+ ECM it may never be able to unlock one again - one shot deal.
  3. Install your EFIBYRYAN Autocal, this process takes 7-8 minutes and is very simple.
  4. Unplug your EGR Flapper Valve located just prior to the intake horn on the charge air pipe on the driver side of the engine. 
  5. Change/Modify your exhaust and/or underhood components to your preference.
  6. ENJOY!





  • Model: Har141
  • Manufactured by: Hardway Performance